Understanding the education and training system

Here’s a simple overview of the education and training system in England. This includes primary and secondary education to age 16, further education options for 16+ and 18+, and higher education options. Understanding the landscape will help you to identify the best options for your business.

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The Education Landscape: A Guide for Employers

This is an easy to understand and independent overview of the options for engaging with the education and skills landscape, plus the benefits of doing so. The Guide is backed by leading business organisations and also provides information on how technical education is changing to better meet business needs.

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The Education Landscape: Index

The Index is a comprehensive list of the range of activities and schemes businesses may be asked to get involved with. There could be different terms being used in your local areas, but the Index contains the main categories you need to know about. The benefits of each activity and the likely time commitments are included too.

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Technical education and occupational standards

Not everyone is familiar with our technical education system, and Government has been working with employers to make changes – to benefit industry and help individuals gain good jobs.

Employers are at the heart of the new system, so you can be sure young people and adults will develop the knowledge and skills needed by your business. Employer groups set the standards for different occupations – apprenticeships are assessed against these standards, and the content of new T Levels for students at age 16 has been developed with employers using the occupational standards as their reference. For Higher Technical Qualifications that offer specialised training for adults, employers also decide which qualifications meet the employer-designed occupational standards.

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