Boosting your business with education and skills

There are many benefits to engaging with schools, colleges and universities, and the wider skills system, and lots of different ways your business can get involved. In doing so, you can open the door to discovering new talent and fresh perspectives, developing your current team, building new partnerships and making local connections. Read more about some of these benefits below, and in the new resources linked at the bottom of this page.

Supporting students and providing workplace experiences

Sharing your knowledge, experience and advice with young people in education will inspire and inform their career choices and raise awareness and understanding of your organisation and industry. This can help them to develop the confidence to move into a role that is right for them, and to be the right employee for you. Offering workplace experiences is one great way to discover future employees and can reduce recruitment costs.

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Supporting high-quality teaching and providing expert guidance

Building partnerships with a local school, college or university is an opportunity not to be missed. It will give these institutions and teachers a deeper understanding of your industry’s needs, resulting in improved course content and training that is more relevant. It’s a strong value exchange for both parties that brings real world business insights to teaching. You can also share your knowledge and expertise to influence technical education both locally and nationally.

Workplace learning

The benefits of upskilling or reskilling your existing staff – be that through short courses, apprenticeships or other opportunities – are equally strong, growing your business’ expertise, helping staff feel valued and contributing to retention. And involving your team in sharing their skills with teachers, or mentoring placement students, is a great way of enabling their professional development – recognising and building their communication, leadership and management skills.

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Spotlight resource

The Education Landscape: A Guide for Employers

This is an easy to understand and independent overview of the options for engaging with the education and skills landscape, plus the benefits of doing so. The Guide is backed by leading business organisations and also provides information on how technical education is changing to better meet business needs.

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Spotlight resource

The Education Landscape: Index

The Index is a comprehensive list of the range of activities and schemes businesses may be asked to get involved with. There could be different terms being used in your local areas, but the Index contains the main categories you need to know about. The benefits of each activity and the likely time commitments are included too.

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